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Scholarship Application

The Scholarship Application packet is available on the Documents page. Please follow the instructions carefully!

Thank you to our sponsors!

We ask that all members please help get sponsors for added money for the Anniversary Show! Form coming soon!

Show Results

All show results and member points have been updated through the Anniversary Show. We had over 1000 entries for the Anniversary Show weekend! Thanks for coming!!


FYI since we've had some issues with not being able to get shows in, we have decided to only require 4 shows (judges) to be eligible for year end awards this year. The 2nd judge that was sick for the 7/8 show will not be made up. The half day that was rained out on 6/10 will be made up this weekend 8/19. We will only have 8 judges instead of 9 so will require you to show to 4 instead of 5 for awards.

UNOFFICIAL Results for the Tack Room and Introductory shows are on the Results page.

The roads are open!! You can get through Franklin from the east side now!!. There is still construction but just follow the truck route that takes you around the north side of town. Quick directions are King St to Eastview (new roundabout) to Commerce Pkwy to 31. South on 31 to the fairgrounds.
Intro Show

We have a few stalls left for the Aug 4-5 Open/AQHA Introductory show. Call Debbi Cottongim at 317-919-9973 if you'd like one. Can also reserve tack stalls now if you'd like.

Rain Make Up

To make up for the June show that was partially rained out, we will have 2 judges in the afternoon at the August 20 show. Single judge, entry fees, and paybacks in the morning, 2 judges, double entry fees, and 2 sets of paybacks in the afternoon.

June Show Info

The showbill is the same as our other Open shows. There is a comment that says it's different but that was left over from the Memorial show last year.

Road Closures

There are a lot of roads closed in Frankin. If you're coming from the east across 44, the truck detour takes you up 65 to Whiteland Rd. Whiteland Rd is a fine option if you are coming from the north. Just go all the way across to 31 then south to the fairgrounds. If you usually come from the east across 44 or from the south up 65 here is an option...     From the exit at 65 and 44 go east (away from Franklin) to the first road that goes north (left) (500 E). It's very close to the exit. Go north through a 4-way stop and keep going until it comes to a T (300N). Turn left (west) on 300N and follow it until you get to a stop light at 31 (guessing at about 4 miles). Slow down going over the overpass at 65. It's kind of bumpy. At 31 turn left (south) and follow it until you get to the entrance to the fairgrounds between Wendy's and DQ. If you're coming over on 44 from the east, the road to turn on is right before you get to the ramps for 65. This route will be much closer than the detour.
Tack Room Show

What a great show! Nearly 500 entries per judge! Thanks for coming!!
Here are are the UNOFFICIAL results.
Revised Pre-Entry Form

Here's a revised copy of the pre-entry form with additional mailing info.
New Forms Available

Save the Office Fee and Pre-Enter for the Tack Room Show! Here's the  form and instructions.
Stall Reservation forms for the Introductory Show and the Anniversary Show are available on the Documents page.

Most of the showbills have been added to the Show Info page.
Also added the stall reservation form for the Tack Room Show.

Show Dates for 2018

April 29 - Practice Show
May 6 - Open Show
May 26-27 - Tack Room Show - AQHA Only
6/10 - Open Show
7/8 - Open Show (Double Judged)
8/4-5 - Open/AQHA Introductory Show
8/19 - Open Show
9/22-23 - Anniversary Show (Multiple judges - more info to come)
10/7 - Open Show


The Membership Form is available for those wishing to join the club. To reserve stalls for the Open Show season (not including the Tack Room Show, Introductory Show and Anniversary Show) please fill out the Open Show Stall Reservation Form. These stall reservations are intended for those members that plan to use stalls at every show. There will be stalls available for intermittent use by calling Barb West.


Quick Links to Documents:

Membership Form
Open Show Stall Reservation Form (Members Only)
Sponsor Form
Tack Room Show Stall Reservation Form

Introductory Show Stall Reservation Form
Anniversary Show Stall Reservation Form